One bike, 900 miles, two legs.

After a surprisingly palatable introduction to proper sushi (and the Fat Elvis) at a super-trendy restaurant in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver on Monday night, I was ready for the orientation day of the tour. All the riders and support crew met and we were taken through all the things we need to know, about which way we’ll go, and what we need to be wary of. It’s not the bears, it’s the chipmunks apparently. Who’d have thought that?

My life for the next two weeks
My life for the next two weeks

Leaving Vancouver tomorrow looks like a painful lesson in navigation skills, as we’ll be taking a circuitous route to avoid the busy roads heading out of the downtown core, but I just want to get on the bike now. Had enough of being trapped in the city and want to see some more of this place.

So to end today’s thrilling chapter, here’s an overly-processed photo from the UBC campus garden. You don’t get that kind of view at UWE, do you?

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