One bike, 900 miles, two legs.

The last rest day is soon upon us, and I wake to the all too familiar sound of rainfall on the tent. Balls. Well if it had to rain (and it does) then I’d rather it be on a rest day than out on the road.

Nothing much of note happened, I walked into town and got some more flapjack bars for energy, and a spoon to replace the one I’ve somehow lost. Jasper is a typical mountain resort, lots of tacky present shops and a smattering of normal shops too.

Jasper, AB
Jasper, AB

I had a greasy burger at A&W, including my first try of root beer (it’s weird) and now we’re off to town to have a proper meal.

The ride takes an uphill turn tomorrow, as we head upwards from our current 1060m altitude to head over Sunwapta Pass at slightly over 2000m. There’s also no mobile phone coverage, so there probably won’t be any updates until I make it into Lake Louise in two days time.

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