One bike, 900 miles, two legs.

A rest day in the truest sense – I slept in, did very little and just tried to stay out of the sun as much as possible!

How do people live in this temperature?!?
How do people live in this temperature?!?

I think when they say partly cloudy, they mean there was a single cloud somewhere in the sky – the sun was unbearable. The only excursion I made into the heat was a short but sweaty walk to the nearest supermarket to pick up some supplies for the next four days of riding. After-bite cream to soothe the bites from the myriad of insects not deterred by the ‘super-strength’ repellent I picked up in Vancouver and a load more flapjack bars for mid-ride energy.

Another early start tomorrow, this time at 5am to escape the heat and get into Clearwater before it gets dangerous. Yay.

Alex Whittle
July 2, 2013

Looks amazing Ben, although I’m absolutely knackered just reading this! You can have a proper rest when you get back to work…

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