One bike, 900 miles, two legs.

Well, this isn’t how I wanted to spend the night in the most awesome campsite we’ve stayed in yet… Starting around 9:30pm I had to rush to the bathroom to be sick, and from then on until about 3am it was a regular occurrence. Not sure what caused my stomach to rebel so much, but as a result I’ve had to miss out on today’s ride and go in the van of shame.

It doesn’t feel great to have to resort to it, but I’d much rather miss a single day of riding than try to power on through and make things worse, even miss out on the rest of the trip. I’ve already managed to eat something today, so I think I’ll be fine for tomorrow’s ride. Though I’ll probably take it easier than I normally would, and luckily the temperature is returning to figures I’m more used to riding in.

And to top it all off, I found out about Geraint Thomas riding with a fractured pelvis in the Tour de France, which makes me feel even more of a wimp.

GPS stats – 0 miles, 0 ft ascent :(

Chris Hannon
July 4, 2013

Oh no Ben! Hope you’re feeling better today and can get back on it!

July 4, 2013

Oh dear! It’s probably the heat, it’s not natural! Hope you feel better soon x

July 6, 2013

I got the 3am stomach cramps on EPO too mate.

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